Joy(less) Afterlife

My dear mother tells me about hell fire, reminding me about the awful torture and frightening beasts that shall await me, to somehow persuade me to believe again. But all it does is makes my conviction in my disbelief stronger. I don’t think it registers that every time she tells me about some hot oil being poured over my skin making my skin blister and peel away that it just makes me angrier. It doesn’t make me feel afraid of this ghastly deity. No. It makes me despise the mythical and sadistic God that she bows down to.

I told her to stop talking about hell fire because clearly isn’t making a difference for the better. In her sweetness she then begins to talk about heaven and how that is what I should aim for. She gleefully talks about the joys of heaven and the bounty that could be mine if I silently obey. Well, it hurts to tell my mum, but really that makes no difference either. In anything, it sounds rather silly and boring. If anything, it’s really not got much to give women in heaven. And let’s not forget that ALL of the normal human desires which have to be restricted in this world can be unleashed rampantly in the afterlife. I mean, isn’t that weird? Surely if it is something so terrible that humans must avoid (such as alcohol), then why is the supposed All-Knowing going to reward his slaves with it in the hereafter? It makes no sense to me. It’s just a sadistic game which the followers seem to lap up. I guess it is a security that many like to have (for whatever reason) and if it works for them, fine. But, it doesn’t work for me.

I told my mother that why on earth would I respect or believe in a deity which takes pleasure in allowing some people to enter into heaven, but at the same time torture others in hell? That is sadistic and it’s not moral.

I am tired of having the same conversations over and over again. I know she’s still in shock and I want to be patient. But it is difficult. And, the more she tries to bring me closer to her God, the more I despise him.


6 thoughts on “Joy(less) Afterlife

  1. alanflynn says:

    It disturbs me too that people worship a self-declared and wholly unapologetic torturer. If I were an ex-muslim, I’d be posting on the #ExMuslimBecause hashtag with ‘Because I won’t worship a torturer’. As if the grotesque material in the Qur’an were not enough (e.g. 4: 56 and 22: 19-22), we have Muhammad informing me us that the fires of Jahannam are seventy times hotter than that on earth (Sahih al-Bukhari vol. 4 bk 54 no 487) – overkill or what! It really does take the biscuit to record all of this and at the same time, speak of Allah as beneficent. I’m sorry, but Jannah notwithstanding, no entity who sentences people to torture can be described as beneficent. I would argue that anyone who condones Allah’s torture is, by definition, immoral (to put it lightly) because torture is immoral – and I don’t care if it is ordained by the putative creator. I do wonder if there is a connection between the aforementioned and the unspeakably sadistic behaviour of Islamic State which has killed people by beheading, burning, drowning and hurling from the top of buildings. Thankfully, most muslims leave judgement and torture to Allah, but these people seem to want to do Allah’s work for him, to literally bring hell on earth.

    A final thought: let us promote a broad-based education for all that encourages people to question and to be humane. Anyone so educated would never believe such twaddle.

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    • abelabelson says:

      I agree with most you say, AlanFlynn, except with the education part. Many muslims, and many radical muslims, are highly educated. I have personally worked with an engineer who was born and raised in Belgium, and who, while making his calculations, assured me that if Allah didn’t hold the planets in his hand, they would fall down! He got into Islam at the age of 18 more or less (his father was a non-practicing muslim, his mother non-religious), and was rapidly radicalizing when I met him. He openly stated that the Taliban were the perfect society. Nothing to do with social problems, nor lack of education. It was just his thing. He himself testified that the moment he started reading the Quran, it just all fitted. I argued at length with him, but it just fit him completely, he was all happy and convinced with his Islam.
      I think the answer is in neurobiology, and more specifically in affective empathy. Meaning that independent of education, a portion of humanity will always gravitate to Islam and Islamesque beliefs because “it fits their brain”, while others need only the slightest contact with something else to get out of it, because it actually doesn’t fit their brain.
      Moreover, Islam is deeply supremacist, just see what it says about disbelievers. If we think we can “educate” people out of Islam, we’ll be in for some shocking surprises in the West. Islam doesn’t give a shit about anything outside it, loathes it and denigrates it. Our “educating” its followers is, for them, like dogs barking or pigs squealing.


  2. abelabelson says:

    Thank you for another very interesting glimpse into the minds and lives of people (muslims and ex-muslims) I would otherwise never be in contact with, not in this intimate way.
    These hell-teachings, in all their sadic detail, cause very deep psychological traumas at a very early age, and, for an outsider like me, what they result in seems nothing less than a grave psychosis. I think we have to consider it thus also. These are not just simple “beliefs”, they have found their way deep into the psyche with the force of terror. Which means, among other things, that logic reasoning itself is simply not sufficient. You cannot reason someone out of a psychosis.


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