This courageous ExMuslim woman is an inspiration. I feel her pain. There is nothing worse than missing you mum and wishing you could take all her pain away. But you can’t – not when you’re *apparently* the cause.

I hope time heals.


It has been months since I have seen any of my family. My sister reached out to me a few weeks ago… the first I have heard from her since May. She tells me she misses me, and that her kids miss me, and why do I not go and see them. Why don’t I? Because I can’t erase what she said to me last time I was there, and above her latest text telling me she misses me, I see her text from months ago telling me I am the most selfish person in the world. For this reason, I don’t respond.

I want so badly to speak to my mum; it’s been about 6 weeks since I stopped replying to her texts. Prior to this I would send an odd message, but I stopped as I was still being blamed for the shame and pain I caused. I…

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One thought on “Trapped

  1. alanflynn says:

    I have enormous respect for all of you ex-muslims, firstly for seeing through the religious falsehood with which you were indoctrinated, and secondly for the trials you go through in seeking to live an authentic life. There are people in minority Christian communities who also face ostracism for apostasy – Jehovah’s Witnesses for example, but the totality of opposition to the apostate within Islam is of a terrifying order, marshalled by a fierce and uncompromising tribalist pressure on the individual to conform, murderous ahadith and belief in the justice of horrific torture in the afterlife. You good people have chosen reason and ethics over foolish submission to tyranny and I sincerely hope that your principles will see you all through to rich and fulfilling post-religious lives.


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