ExMuslim Resilience

Burdened with the weight of our sorrow,
we slowly reach out our hands to connect.
The coming together of shared tales,
fostering bonding and strengthening resistance.

A glimmer of hope flicking through our eyes,
a crooked smile forming upwards.
Small baby steps form in preparation,
of easing the burden of our existence.

Planning the future with courage.
and resilience to create a better society.
Together we embrace and join hands,
marching forward to make a difference.

Though tears fall when allies deny us,
refusing their support and solidarity.
Making a mockery of our lived realities,
despite our sincere insistence.

But we accept our burden,
and we will not submit to your demands.
Our godless minds will build courage,
bravely with our collective experience.

Though failed by many, we still persist,
to be heard and be free.
Our determination will not falter,
we will conquer the vast distance.


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