#ExMuslimBecause I want to be free

Before someone tells me ‘oh you’re never really TRULY free’, well, being ExMuslim makes me a little bit more freer than I was as a Muslim. Now, this may not be YOUR reality, but it has definitely been MINE.

I am sick and tired of hearing the supposed Liberal Left being so ignorant and biased about ExMuslims. The BBCTrending radio clip on the ExMuslimBecause hashtag is disgraceful and highlights just how much more needs to be done to combat this unwarranted attack on ExMuslims.

Despite the Campaigners clarification right from the beginning that this is to raise awareness and that we are NOT anti-Muslim, it appears that this just doesn’t seem to sink in. BBC has done such injustice to ExMuslims, who are a minority within a minority and represented us in such a false manner. Even at the beginning the premise was set with the tone that ‘oh this is so sensitive, and untimely for Muslims’. This is what their message was all along. They completely ignored the plight of ExMuslims and the very fact that we are silenced and we suffer the consequences of choosing to leave the religion our parents raised us in. The pitted two Muslim voices against one ExMuslim on a topic about ExMuslims. Seriously.

I feel so angry. I feel our stories are hijacked and we are called islamophobes, when this is so far from the truth.

I have been hiding being an ExMuslim from my parents for 10 years now. I have not done that purely because I am afraid, but because I love my Muslim parents and I don’t want to hurt them and I am very considerate of their feelings. So much so that it is unhealthy for me. My behaviour here is definitely not islamophobic.

I would be so damn pleased to relinquish the label of ‘ExMuslim’ as soon as you guys allow us to coexist. Without ignorant accusations. Without the ritual hatred of apostates. Without isolating us. Without alienating us. Without making  us feel like outcasts. We only dared to lead OUR lives according to OUR choices.

#ExMuslimBecause only way to be heard and move on. One day.


One thought on “#ExMuslimBecause I want to be free

  1. Alan Flynn says:

    I’m an ex-Christian and I know that I’m comfortable and feel safe to apprise Christians of my apostasy, be they strangers or family members. I understand that I can do so only because of the long struggle to secularise society and that many of my ex-Christian forebears as well as ‘heretics’ lost their lives on account of their beliefs. Ex-muslims absolutely deserve the same freedoms that I enjoy.

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