Day One

I have not blogged since I was a teen, so I guess the polite thing to do will be to give an introduction.

I am a woman of Asian background and I am a strong adherent to secular values. I am a freethinker, feminist, Anthropology Grad and an Ex-Muslim. This latter part of my identity, makes a huge part of me. This has been an ongoing issue in my life for the last ten years. I am now coming to a place in my life where I am going to “come out” entirely to my parents. I am afraid. I am worried. I feel deep sadness as I know this will affect the relationship with my family.

I sometimes feel angry. It’s not often that human’s experience abandonment and loss on such a scale – so then, why me? I guess that’s my high cost of being myself and different to my family.

Anyways. I wish to use this space as an outlet for my thoughts and ramblings. Happy and Sad.

Thanks for reading.

~ X ~



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